k heres the deal
i bought a danelectro guitar.... dano 59 is the model... i mainly bought it cuz my other one broke and its cheap and i figured it would be ok....

waste of money not impressed at all. my harmonics are off, comes out of tune constantly.

anws, im going to get an american deluxe strat. but i juss dont know what the difference is between the ash stratocaster and the normal american deluxe strat
The American Deluxe has an alder body - the ash, well it has an ash body. If you plan on doing any mods - pickups, etc - consider the plain old American Strat (also an alder body). You will save yourself a couple hundred $ going this route. The major differences between the American and the American deluxe seem to be the pickups, the pickguard, and the S-1 switching system on the American Deluxe. Check out the Fender site to see for yourself. I'm looking at both also, but like the savings that the American offers - I have switched out the pickups and pickguard on any strat that I have bought anyway. Which ever one you pick, enjoy it! FYI - the difference between Ash and Alder bodies - Hard ash is heavier than Alder - Swamp ash is lighter than alder - tone wise, both Hard ash and Swamp ash are brighter than Alder.