Anybody watching the EMAs? Amy Winehouses wasted performance was hilarious.

For those of you not watching, Amy did a performance where she was either drunk, or completely high off crack. She was stumbling around, barely standing up, and not one word coming out of her mouth was intelligible. She kept wiping her nose as well, so I suppose shes been doing the latter.

I was embarrassed for her, but laughing my head off.
I was under the impression she merely has some kind of mental disability. It's very rude of you to suggest she had been on drugs

Also, I hear tell Muse got some awards, which is good. They are one of the few truly deserving mainstream bands around these days.
Well, at least Amy Winehouse is bringing back the cool tabloids of the nineties, where all the musicians were drugged out and going back and forth to rehab.

She's got an A in my book.
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^Exactly that (directed at Mr. President)

Didn't see Winehouse, but the Foo's performance I thought was good. The light display was awesome, and the Pistols cover at the end was a nice touch.

And Nicole Scherzinger is hot. Extremely.
Dyer's Eve is awesome, and has an abnormally large penis, which doesn't act as any hinderance to his everyday life despite its freakishly large size.
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Anyone got a clip of it, i gotta see this xD
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I don't really want to watch it. It would make me feel sorry for her performance.
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Doing it for England she was!!!
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