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Quoting yourself is cool.

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white all the way

alpine white les paul with the custom style triple binding is about as good as it gets for looks
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1st one for looks but the second one because of the maple top
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Definately the white

read my sig and be jealous of mah ESP lol

1st 1 ftw dude.

I'd get one of their V's if i were you, but im not, so who the hell cares?
Yeah, I really loved the white. But the CSB is just so damn classy, and classic...
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The white is defo more sexy
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the white and i approve of that model agile as well.

and if i put my stamp on it, then well that's worth oh so much.

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Not only does the white look cool, its got the Rhandy Rhoads thing going on.
2nd one im not sure what its called? redburst lol? well i like that one better
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