Hi, could you please post liks to any good US based online guitar stores that ship internationally that you know of please.

many thanks
There are very few that ship internationally, most of the big ones just ship to mainland US, maybe Alaska and such if you're lucky.

Try www.thomann.de ; they're still cheap, but based in Germany.

As for US stores, I'm mainly familiar with the smaller, high end, retailers.
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ok thanks, anymore?

If I may ask, what are you looking for?

(I'm guessing it's a Deluxe Players strat)
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It's not worth the effort. Sure, the dollars low value makes it an interesting option, but the shipping and taxes bump the price up about 25% (at least here in Finland, don't know what the tax rate is in UK).

Uhh.. The prices are a bit f*cked up in Europe. Comparing the prices of a Deluxe Player strat and the Classic Players ('50s & '60s). Prices Thomann / music123.

Deluxe Player 695e / $599
Classic Player 590e / $799
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yes it's the players strat, i worked out for the guitar to be £500 in the uk from a guitar store near me, and £300 in the US, so yes it is worth it. (for the American's that works out to be like $1000 here in the uk and $600 in the US.

you see my point.

i was trying to find a US online store that would ship a gibson explorer to australia, but gibson doesnt let them. So i guess it depends on what your after.
look if there is ShopUSA in the uk they ship things from usa to all kind of place's over the world i saved 500$ when i bought my guitar there.

i i forgot ShopUSA is not a store, you get like a mailbox in the USA so that you can buy stuff from US online stores, so you buy something from Music 123 (or something else) let them ship the thing to ShopUSA and shopusa ships it home to you, check shopusa.com if they send things to the UK
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try guitartrader.com
just email them and they give quick response... dont think they have much choice wise but just look at their website
ok so i tried shopusa and i can get my guitar for $600 from music123, so if i were to buy it now from there and have shopusa ship it. How do i do it?

thanks a lot
Shopusa will charge you $250USD to ship it... brings it up over 405GBP.

Go to sweetwater and see if they can ship one of the guitars to the UK. Companies put restrictions onw hat they can ship internationally, Fender may allow those guitars to be shipped to the UK(though highly unlikely).
almost the exact same topic was created yesterday

if u find it there is a good site on it (u can go thru my recent posts and it;ll have it)
okay it's pretty hard to tell but, You have to sign on for ShopUSA then you get a shipping adress and a suite number, so you go and get an account on Music 123 (or guitar center whatever you like, i used Music 123 everything worked fine) and set the shipping adress that you got from shopusa there, and just pick the thing/s that you are going to buy, and pay (use paypal) and after you have to register your shipment on shopusa.com and there is instruction there how you do it, IT'S CRUCIAL THAT YOU REGISTER THE SHIPMENT or else you won't get the package. it took 16 days to get it for me don't know if it's any longer for you in the UK.
But just so you get it right just read on shopusa.com to be sure of what you are doing.
BTW. You have to pay tax on the thing so if it costs 600$ in usa, it would cost like 700 (or more depending on the item and tax in the country) and they take a small amount for them self but nothing much.

I bought a Ibanez RG2550E Prestige on Music 123 (costs 880$) and i had to pay 1400$ because of the shipment and tax but here in iceland it costs ca 2000$. but i don't think that you have to pay as much in tax because the tax here is 24.5%
I'm from Venezuela and i bought an acoustic guitar for 99$ on music123. I had they send the guitar to an address on Miami which is an international courier called Transexpress (www.transexpress.com) and from there, ship it to Venezuela. Here, the stuff that cost less than 100$ don't pay tax, so i just paid the guitar (99$) and the shipping (40$) for a total of 139$ when locally would cost me 350-400$.

I think there's a lot of international courier and you have to figure it out which is more effective o cheaper for your needs.
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