This is a song i wrote for my band, pretty brutal, do you guys have any suggestons? like it hate it?
(Yes i do listen to only slayer)

Never Death

Silent cannons fire, six feet below
Long forgotten conflicts, eat your bones
Patriotic skeletons, painted with lead
Drilled hole in your skull, madness in your head

Strafed from the left
Strafed from the right
Come to live
Gone to die

Shell shocked corpses, turn to dust
Flash-bang flashbacks, brain swells with puss
Eyes filled with blood, memories full of gore
Paranoid panic attacks, why ever leave this war

Strafed from the left
Strafed from the right
Come to live
In forever you will die

(solo) (solo) (solo)

Immortal soldiers, encircle the front lines
Forever’s infantry, surrounded in a box of pine
Devils mercenaries, feed your souls to the dogs
Worldy warriors, scream and cry forever more

(reduce tempo, heavy)

Water splashes your face
Laying in your shallow grave
Memories embedded in your head
You are never dead
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