I've been playing for about a year, and for the last month or so i have noticed that my pinky on my playing hand (left hand) is considerably weaker then right hand pinky. Also when i straighten my left pinky out completly its crooked. Also it stiffens and snags when trying to close it. I've been given advice to put it in a splint ,but it would go back to how it was most likely. It is becoming a problem and makes it hard to push on strings because of the flimsiness. I would rather not have surgery if there is any other way to fix this problem.
I have the same problem, my pinkies have always been like that, the only thing I can use my left pinky for is powerchords in standard tuning

All my mates just say that I should start using it, LOL WUT (they think that the condition - which is something I've had for years - will disappear) :C

EDIT: Random thought on the subject; chiropractor? (or do they only fix your back? lol)
chiropractors would fix your back but im sure you could ask your doctor about it and get into physical therapy for it or something. im sure that would help.
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My friend...he has a growth problem (7ft 400+lbs)... has that issue so I'm assuming its a growth irregularity?

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hmmm mines double jointed and it only makes about 2 motions neither of witch is to help me play guitar

as for your problem

check it out with the doc he knows best not a bunch of idiots on the internet =P