how are they? im thinking about buying c1 blackjack..i play thrash metal like megadeth/metallica/testament
thickness between a strat and an lp.

the back of the neck is finished. some guys dont like the feel. especially with sweaty hands.

the frets are jumbo. (on mine anyway.) i like jumbo frets, some guys feel like they get in ght way a little.

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I haven't played the C-1 Blackjack. The guitars I have from Schecter and the C-1 Classic and Hellraiser C-1 FR. Both are extremely smooth and easy to play. I think the thickness is just right. The Blackjack is probably a very good option.
they are good, but i heard they are coming your with new necks maybe faster ibanez stlye necks?...
but that doesnt matter to me...schecter is my favorite brand...i dont own one...yet im getting a c-1 fr next month. but ive playd alot and all of them play extremely well