This is really good! The bass is fantastic sounding, really groovy. There are a lot of very nice licks throughout the song that are well played. Vocals go off a little bit here and there, but for the most part it is sung really well with a nice dynamic voice.

Great job man!
Vocals weren't bad for your style. I didn't enjoy the tone of the lead guitar. I'd bring the drums up a little, or at least just the snare and kick, cause all i was hearing was like random crashes and not much power in the rest of the kit. One thing to remember when doing programmed drums is to think like a drummer. I don't know if you play drums or not but i would try making the drums a little more interesting
thanks guys... i would play real drums, but my dad won;t let me get a kit. grrr.
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The solo in the beginning was pretty good, but I think the tone could have been smoother.

The dynamics of your voice are pretty cool, but at some points it gets too conversational for my tastes without enough regard to pitches. I think that either you're not singing with your full voice or you should bring the key down a whole step or so because the higher notes seem just slightly out of your reach.
Hey, I like the tone and the bass added in there....

Tie that bands... isnt that from umm Johnny Cash? Possibly? -- I could be completly wrong

I like the soloing, but it takes away from the ryhtem of the song... okay it went away so you could sing
the voice is good, i like your emotion

the wah-wah sound is kinda weird

I like the lead guitar coming in, your voice is good, too

(sorry if im being sporadic, im just critting as i listen)

Over all its good, and I like the thicker guitar, but something sounds tinny about it
listening now...guitar is cool, The vocals and the guitar remind of johnny lang alittle bit. I like the riff that came in at about 1:10. You use the wah pedal very nice the guitar with the weird effect around 2:20 is cool. I like the solo good feeling which blues definitly needs. Good stuff many. I always enjoy giving you crits cause i know its gonna be somethin decent and im gonna enjoy it

https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=706342 c4c?!
And now i cant get back again....
A thought that the bass and guitar were a bit harsh and didn't suit the song.

The wah was cool, it's like jello thrown in your face.

I wonder if you could automate the panning?

It's quite interesting, because you've used it like one would use delay.

Overall, I like this. A strong song, and a good production.
My apologies on such a late return of crit! But hey, it's back on the first page now at least

Tone seems a little... shrill, perhaps, but I like the intro solo. The vocals fit well with the style, though I'm not sure I'm a great fan of them (personal preferance). I like the lyrics, the song seems well constructed. I like the use of effects over all, however they felt a tad OTT/harsh around 2:20, almost slightly out of time as well I think.

Overall, not really my thing, but I liked it. Well constructed and performed. No comments on the recording quality; it's not an issue with your stuff which is great

Cheers for critting mine