Hi guys.

I've been changing my tone all day and finally I sat down and made this song.
It's a kind of dark metal vibe. I would appreciate any feedback on the mix, guitar sound, bass, drums. Keep rockin!

Track nr 8 here: New metal song
dude this is pretty rad.

the mix sounds pretty good
what do you record with?
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I have this setup:

Ibanez SZ520 -> DF-7 -> Noisegate -> Cubase

In Cubase I have Waves plugins and I use the stomp plugin with a "pitcher" effect to make the guitars sound like the devils. Eh lol. Also I have the effect called "tone" to tweak the sound of the guitars and yeah I have a slight compressor working too.

Finally I use Izotope Ozone to put some extra touch to the mix. I've only played guitar since march this year so that's the reason I don't have any breathtaking solos but I'm working on it! Stay tuned!

If anyone would like to play solos on my songs just PM and you'll get the mp3.

Stay metal!