does anybody know if there such thing as a board that is like a snow board but alot smaller and more flexible?
kinda like a plastic skateboard for snowboarding.
i want to be able to be pulled by a four wheeler to jump snow ramps
i tried it last year with a regular snowboard and it wasn't to fun so we use a skate board (just the deck) and it was a lot more fun.

so any ideas?
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theres cheapy snowboards for kids to use on sled hills.
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Make one out of wood

Or cardboard.

Ghetto Board.

I'd buy it.
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i dont know of anything, but it would be very easy to make. get a skate (or longboard) deck and drill in foot straps. if you wanted it to be really legit you can get kiteboard bindings (strap kind) and mount them on there....
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look up 'snow skate' its a skateboard with a ski blade mounted on the bottom, my roomate has one.
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a skim board might work nicely...although seeing as you live somewhere with snow, might be hard to obtain one...
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a snowskate? or snowdeck?

I have one of them..its like a snowboard without bindings and the size of a skateboard with a smaller snowboard like ski on the bottom..you can do kickflips, tre flips, grinds, and a bunch of other **** on them too. they're so fun!
Doesn't take that much..just a little getting used to..it carves into the snow to turn like a snowboard its way fun, one of the really fun things to do in winter along with E-brake drifting in my car.