Recent events have led me to believe some posters on UG need this.

thread - An ongoing message based conversation on a single subject. Example: What you are in right now.

forum - A section of the message board devoted to a certain topic. Example: The Pit, Electric Guitar, Bands & Artists, etc.

So think before you tell someone they've posted in the "wrong thread", and see whether or not you really mean "wrong forum".
Oh Shit!
When you're a moderator you can be pedantic about what you should call wherever a post or thread should be. But you're not, so it really doesn't matter.
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theres allready a thread about this and wrong forum too, HAHAHA no one cares hahahaha
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You know what's really funny? How there's a forum for:

General Information and Announcements

(by the way, you spelled announcements wrong )

So, just to piss you off: WRONG THREAD