I'm usually into those movies with excessive blood and gore like the saw series, but i just saw Freakshow. Oh my God. That scene at the end just made me so sick. I've never ever gotten sick from watching a movie before, not even the PETA movies. But Jesus Christ, that movie is the most ****ed up thing i've ever seen, Has anyone seen this? What the hell was this supposed to be rated?
Quote by TDS
You know what would be awsome? A phone that doubled as a fleshlight that recharged power through kinetic motion.

"hold on guys my phone's dying."
"Ok we're good."
Haven't heard of it, so I wiki'ed it.
Wiki described the final scene and I tell you, it looks awesome.
dude, its a total rip off of 1932 Freaks. but then they used real pinheads and disfigured people.