ok im a huge floyd fan and for a while now i have been trying to find information about his complete set up , effects and all.... for pulse and division bell tours... ive checked the internet and ive asked the guys at sam ash and guitar center and they dont know anything... if anyone knows his setup or where i can find out id greatly appreciate it... thx in advance
I know he used a strat. He was also a lucky one to recieve a custom HIWATT amplifier.
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live, try to use pretty much any strat with the david gilmour EMG SA set

no idea about the amps

i think i've heard he uses a russian big muff though

not sure about anything else, really wish i did know though

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He has a custom strat with a specific year, neck and body, not sure what exactly.
he used hiwatt amps though. He also played a telecaster and a gretsch.
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im pretty sure he used a pro-co rat distortion pedal. I found a site earlier that had his complete rig and photos of his pedal board and his guitars and amps. I think mikesguitarsite. or something like that.
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