i was just wondering wat you guys think of this guitar. I need an upgrade from my old fender squire so i was thinking this looked like a good guitar for alot of alternitive type stuff.
Artcores are sweet guitars and the fit and finish on them is very nice. The only thing that I don't like about them is the ACH2 bridge pu. It sounds pretty boring/bland when played clean so a pickup swap might be a good idea down the line.
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I have an ibanez AS83 and I love the playability of it. The pickups are decent and you can allways upgrade them later on. I think it's a good buy, since it's a very versitile guitar.
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The guitar you are looking at is a full hollowbody, so get ready to deal with feedback. A great alternative would be the AS73, a semi-hollow. Artcores are the best deal and best quality you can get for twice the price.
The as73 is a pretty big guitar isnt it. I mean compared to the as93.