Hey, so I know this isn't exactly the place for this, but I really want to start taking guitar lessons again (now that I'm at a proficient level), but be taking it more as theory w.guitar thing (of course while still learning guitar techniques, etc. but yeah).

I've had a couple teachers, one didn't know theory really, and the other did a bit with me (and it could've just because of my experience level that I didn't quite understand it).

I just got thinking about this again, because for some reason after taking piano for some years (2-5th grade I think), reading multiple things on it, I have only just NOW realized what inversions and what dominant/subdominant actually are (or more of, why they are), and that's only because I'm taking a little course in Blues and Jazz for a month (not going to be too in depth I don't think, because the point wasn't just for musicians, but also a background and history of it).

So yeah, sorry for the rant, but if anyone's got a recommendation that'd be awesome.
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