Have you seen my friend?
Well he ain’t been round here much lately
I think he got bored and went out searchin’
Yeah he’s lookin’ for that new fix
And well, he’s dancin’ round the house
Where his mother grew up
Well he’s swearing to god
And he’s tyin’ them branches
Back behind the wall
Well he’s strumming an old guitar
And singin’ with them bluebirds

Have you seen my friend?
Well he’s seen you and likes the way
You wear those leaves in your hair
And he’s jumpin’ up and down
Well he’s acting like a child
And well, that’s alright with him
Well don’t you know he’s singin’
Sweetly to the birds to help them fly
Well I ought to go lookin’ for him
But he’ll come round when
That road leads him home

It's an acoustic track and has kind of a Devendra Banhart feel.
There once was a man who really loved salt
So he tied his nose to the sea
And then God came down from his silver throne
And said, 'Honey, that water ain't free
I like this, you've developed a pretty good character here. And you do it by showing, not by telling, which is the best part. That's IMPORTANT in lyrics, a lot of people don't seem to understand that. However, there are some MAJOR issues in your language. Its like your having a conversation, but we're only hearing what YOU are saying. This is SO annoying when I'm reading it, and it says "yeah, he's looking for that new fix" Its like everday dialogue, but I don't necessarily think of that as a good thing, at all. And also, I don't like the "well's" in front of everything, erase them, please. Now, I don't know if you NEED them or not for the lyrics of the song, but I feel like you should be able to do without them.
what comes up comes out