So I was looking at the back of a guitar book i used when i was starting out, and I saw some info about the guy who wrote it. It said that he (David Clo) majored in jazz/studio guitar perfomance at the University of Cinncinati. I've wanted to major in music, and I'd love to get a job at a studio. I've pretty much given up on majoring in music though because I can't afford to get a classical guitar, and even if I could I don't have time to devote to it. So do you think for something like that I'd have to audition on classical guitar?
i would really like to know more about what majoring in guitar is and how to go about it
I guess not if you wanted to do jazz like him.
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yeah things like jazz almost always require it, ive started classical lessons recently just for the fact that it'll make me better and increase opportunities for college, but im sure there are some things like composition in which you wouldnt have to audition for classical because its not a specifically classical guitar oriented thing
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really? well that's too bad..I wonder if they have studio and jazz classes you can take if you're majoring in soemthing else. I'll look into it.
yeah i think you can take them on the side, in some of the colleges ive been looking at, thats been a big part of my decision, i ask them if i do composition can i take guitar lessons on the side, and so far its been about half and half
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You don't need any classical guitar skills for jazz studies over here (as long as you have the ear training, sight reading, etc...). I don't see why it'd be different for jazz over there.
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