WTT: Analogman TS9 Silver Mod

For: OCD, Gainster, Direct Drive, Barber LTD Silver (or maybe black), or $120 shipped

I've also got these FS/FT:

Doobtone modded DS-1 - $75

Zoom PD-01 - $55

Ibanez SM7 Distortion - $20

Danelectro Pepperoni Phaser - $20

Ibanez DL-5 Delay (sometimes takes a couple of steps to engage) - $20 (not pictured)

I'll throw in the SM7, DL5, or the phaser to whoever buys the DS-1.

I'm also looking for:

Keeley Comp
Analog-esque Chorus
THD 8 ohm Hot Plate
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Wait, If I buy the DS-1, I can get the tubescreamer thrown in?
I'll take it!
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