THis is my frsat attempt at recording a ment-for-electric song. the recording on my music myspace (www.myspace.com/tenacioushank) is very rough and incomplete. But here are the lyrics, check out the recording and let me know what you think!


Ill break you
Ill take you
Ill make you wonder why
You were
The one who
Look into my eyes

Its not like
I knew that
Itd all end up like this
And don’t think
I hate you
Youre something I will miss

But I cant accept
That Im number two
I cant expect
To rot here with you
I don’t intend
To ruin my life too
So please just respect
Im leaving you
-1 let ring

I walked in
A bad time
You thought I was gone
I look back
I rewind
Wonder what took so long

You broke me
You took me
You make me wonder why
Shut the **** up
And listen
Look into my eyes

I cant accept
To be number two
You cant expect
Ill rot here with you
And I don’t intend
To ruin my life too
Why cant you respect
Im leaving you

[Will add a solo]

Just stop trying to make it right
Freeze to death on every cold night
Cant even look at you anymore
Never again stay to keep you warm
Never again make you brake fest in bed
Never again will I cradle your head
Never again will I hold your hand
Never again this is my last stand

I wont accept
Number two
You cant expect
To rot here with you
I don’t intend
Youll ruin my life too
Show some god damn respect
Im leaving you
"One good thing about music is when it hits, you feel no pain."
~ Bob Marley