so what i want is like a les paul shape with a good double locking tremolo. i've seen the epiphone les paul with a floyd rose but i don't really like it. anyone have any suggestions? btw i play from rock to metal to blues and my price range is no more than $600
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I wouldnt recomend as les paul with a floyd.

Really just sucks away the tone. A bigsby maybe, but not a floyd. I've tried one and it sounded like arse, a perfect waste of 2 grand.

But some people like it, i suggest playing one before you do though.

I'm pretty sure Tokai and a few other japanese companies do them for good prices.
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go to rondomusic.com

look at some of their guitars.. I am 100% sure they have a LP shaped guitar with a floyd rose

its not brand name but theyre quality guitars
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