I'm reading a lot of mixing pdf's and I hear all these terms like: "fullness", "hollowness", "muddy", "honky", "presence", "sparkle" and many many others which I grasp but can't really abstract by myself when I hear music...so I was hoping someone would know of some tutorial with audio examples of these concepts, if so please link me to them. Thanks a lot in advance!!
One week passed...anybody? If you know of any other way I could learn this feel free to suggest. Thanks again.
Those aren't theory concepts, they have more to do with the timbre (or "tone") of an instrument. If you post this in the gear section, you might get more replies. These expressions are used a lot to describe the sound of different amps, etc.
indeed, no theory..

best way to learn the stuff is to get a mixing panel, and experiment (or download a digital one if you dont have the cash) comes in handy too, if you're looking for someone to mix a demo and stuff like that..
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I'm getting a mixer next month and I have a multitude of software tools for the same purpose, I have no problem understanding how they work or the sound they produce and alter, my goal is to fully comprehend these terms I find on books like the ones I mentioned, I obviously can't do it by myself, and it'd be crazy to pay a class just for this, and even if I was going to pay for it, it's wise to ask here first

I will create a simpler thread on the gear section, just asking for description over a number of terms, thanks for the advice!

If a mod would consider that this would be thread cloning, please close this thread. Thanks.