Eventualy I wish to aquire yet another electric guitar. Something quality, that will last, plays great and looks good.

I am a big fan of the Explorer (and other non-standard shapes) and did have my eye on a ESP DJ-600. The explorer shape, reverse head stock, the EMGs, the snow white body with blood splatter and the floyd rose. I thought I was set on saving up for this guitar but I had to go and look and price some gibson explorers. The real deal explorer guitars.

The ESP is well, an ESP, has what I am looking for, but is a signature guitar, if I am trying to play my own stuff, why the hell use some one elses guitar?

The gibson explorer is not a signature guitar, don't have a floyd (would not want one installed either), dont have a blood splatter paint job or anything like that. But still, I have started to seriously think about a gibson explorer. Not the goth one either.

So, who here has one of these bad boys? I would be interested in hearing from you explorer users. Would love to see pics of the guitars too.
good reason not the get a blood bath paint job,its because im sure in the future you are going to start playin a different style of music.
Now lets say that music is blues or jazz,how would it look if people see you play that with fake blood all over you guitar.
Which is why a gibson would be good for that,or just a nice color ESP
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if I am trying to play my own stuff, why the hell use some one elses guitar?


anyway, have you tried it yet? If not make sure the upper wing doesn't get in the way of your picking. Also keep in mind the size of the body on an explorer and pro versions. Try both see if it makes a difference.
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I dunno if I agree with the above post or not... it might not look the best in a classy restaurant (lol) BUT your playing should more than speak for itself, no matter what paint job is on your guitar .

i have an epiphone gothic explorer and i tell you, it's a beast. the thing just oozes tone. built for metal, rock and blues. it's thick and solid, but doesn't weigh a tonne. my electric before I bought it was a strat and it was really, really different to play the explorer. it has a fatter, more of a "U" shaped neck and because of the positioning strap knobs it sits weird. my strat sort of naturally sits unlevel, the neck up and the actual guitar lower than that, so on an angle. the explorer naturally sits straight on me, so the strings are perfectly horizontal.

all of these things have to be taken into account and honestly when i was paying it off i went into the music shop and had a couple of jams with it and i was a bit nervous about it at first, I wasn't sure. But now I am completely in love with it. It is completely standard, is a year old and I haven't had a single problem with it.

The epiphone gothic explorer is a fair bit cheaper than the price ranges you've been looking in, but it's a quality machine and once you get used to it, it's such a comfortable guitar. The top fin kind of acts as an arm rest.

I suggest you have a decent jam on one before deciding on an explorer because some people would ****ing hate playing them because there are so many big and small differences between your standard strat/les paul/SG models of guitar.

Hope it helps
I've played a couple at GC before, seriously considering one as well, but I've noticed that the rumors of Gibson's QC being shoddy is pretty common on explorers, as the paintjob, fretboard, and overall quality of the guitar seemed meh when I played it. On the other hand, I really like the sound, can't really beat the tone of the pickups in the mahogany body (at least for rock/metal), but I find that upper fret access sucks balls unless you have big hands/long fingers. It's weird, because I've never really played a guitar that felt or looked like that...it seemed as though it was broken in already, despite being new. I guess you should play one yourself though.
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