any good household items that i can use or do i need to go out and buy something?
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depends on what neck you have.

maple necks have a protective oil over them and only really need a wipe with a cloth although you probably get some fretboard cleaner or something but probs not necessary.

rosewoods necks are untreated and thus need oil but NOT water i seem to remember - this site seems to know whats goin on: http://www.muzique.com/schem/fret.htm
two words my man..

lemon oil.

available online or at your nearest guitar seller.
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Lemon oil or any specialist 'fretboard cleaner' is fine for rosewood/ebony fingerboards. However I prefer to use Tung Oil or Teak Oil about once every month or so, which you can pick up from any hardware store.
lemon oil, unless its maple, then just wipe it down

or if its a fretless bass and is epoxy coated, just wipe it down