im getting one in about a wk and i was wondering if anyone has one and could give sum pro's and con's about it?
The first one I had broke. The second one I had for about a month or so before i got rid of it. The majority of the presets I didnt use, you can download some decent user made ones from the digitech site or you can make your own. THe unit was good for what I used it for which was to figure out what effects I used most and what single pedals i should buy.
I use mine for recording to my PC. I didn't use most of the presets myself, but it comes with a good amount of space to save your own settings. Although the modelling isn't the greatest, it's a great way to experiment with individual effects and mix/match them without spending a huge amount of money on individual effects.

I've got individual pedals for my amps, so I haven't really bothered with using it through an amp yet.

I've only had mine for a little over a month, but it sure seems quite durable.
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