I am planning on purchasing a 7 string guitar. As they kinda give me an erection.

Question, If you have $2000 (thats Aussie dollars) to burn for a 7 string axe what would u get?
I heard Dean is coming up with a new 7-string, a Trivium signature...

But I also like Ibanez Apex and Schecter C7 Hellraiser.

i really like the esp range.
stef carpenter series is very nice. but pricey.
yerp im sure ill add something amazing here some day.
i have an rg 1527, i love it, only thing i would change would be to buy duncan pickups, the guitar itself cost around 700ish
the schecter hellraiser is pretty good, but its suppose to have a thicker neck from what i hear
and i believe there is going to be a xiphos 7 string released soon
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