hey all!! I'd like to know your opinion on this guitar.Is it a good buy if I buy it for 1200€? Abd does it sound good?

Ibanez JEM555WH

Thx in advance. Keep rockin!!
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yeah its awesome.
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what type of music you play?
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I play mostly hard rock. I'll play through a Roland cube 30 or a Fender Frontman 212R and sometimes I use my Boss ME-50.
Nooooo! The JEM 555 is rubbish,you're basically paying for the Steve Vai name, the monkey grip and the crappy 12-fret vine inlay. There are Prestige RG's and S Series' around the same price which are much better quality....
I think you should defo try it out first, I was really dissapointed when i tryed one out, it just did nothing for me, i just found it meh, I left thinking whats the big deal with jems
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OMG, I thought that jems where really good guitars..Any other suggestions between 1000-1200€ or lower?
Spend less on a guitar and more on a decent amp. If you've got a budget of €1200 then you can do so, so much better than a Cube 30 or Frontman..
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OMG, I thought that jems where really good guitars..
They really, really are. But the 555 is like the deformed cousin who brings shame upon the family...

If you want to stick with Ibanez look into the RG Prestige models, many of which fall neatly into your price range. Make sure you save a bit to get a better amp though....a decent guitar deserves more than a Cube.