As the title says, which pedal or multi effects processor have you came across with the tightest sound?

Im asking this question because of all the multi effects processors Ive owned/tried (zoom G2, pod 2.0,pod xt, behringer v-amp, digitech rp250) have a very sloppy general sound , and amp sims are usually unusable,

So basically i have AUS $200 to work with, and i need the best way to improve my tone,
currently im playing a cort evl-k6 through a zoom g2.1u with an added mxr 5 band eq.

so suggest me anyway to getting an overall tighter sound with my extremely unrealistic budget.
What's the AUS:USD ratio?

If 200 AUS is like 400 USD, or even 300, try shooting for a used Zoom G9.2tt

Best MFX unit out there (Amp sim wise, some people might disagree but meh).

Also, try running a MFX unit through a set of FRFR speakers or an FRFR amp.

FRFR = Full Range Flat Response. It's used for keyboards and such, and doesn't color the sound like a guitar amp. MFX units are essentially preamps, and mixing preamps REALLY colors the tone that you get. Using a keyboard amp would be good, or even a high quality set of computer speakers. Although, that's going to be some extra cash you have to shell out... if you still have any of those processors you mentioned earlier, sell them all, and buy a keyboard amp/Zoom G9.2tt. You'll be happy.

Oh yeah, check out youtube for some videos, they aren't of the highest quality, but there's a guy that plays through one with a Gibson LP custom, can't remember the song name exactly, it's by some really good guitar player. It has a pretty nice tone to it.
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What is your amp? A good amp will give you a tight sound

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I just got a ToneLab and the amp sims are great. No fizziness like on the other multiFX.