so i have joined a new band that are already formed and have been playing fora while.
they have asked me to play lead, and then auditioned me with a load of covers that had no second guitar parts. i got in, but im wondering.
i know that its good to have guitar under solo's and you can have two guitars for that. and i know in metal you can have the cool harmony thing happening, but im wondering what im supposed to do during the verses and stuff.

stand there doing nothing, or double in playing what he is playing. would this have an overdubbed effect?
im sorry if you cant understanc my question, im just need advise on what to do as a second guitarist other than solo when my moment comes.
You can't just play lead, you've got to play rhythm too, so yes double what he's playing.

Edit: I meant during parts where there is only one guitar part
yeh thanks, it wont overpower the vocals will it?
does two guitars playing one thing sound better than one.
like when recording and using over dubs, does same thing aply live?
Do either a variation on what he's playing (harmony, etc) or just play in unison (what he plays)
When it's time for a solo, he'll do the guitar underneath and you play the solo
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Play a different inversion to the chord he is playing and/or appeggio the notes of the chord from time to time.

It's subtle, but it's more interesting than just playing exactly the same as him.
this depend alot on what style the band are into but here are some solo-guy advices:
solution 1. play the same + solo: if this is musically the best solution, it will be a smart thing to have a little bit different guitar sound, it will make space and thigtness at the same time, a very tiny bit of delay can be a good thing to.
2. solo man- build small licks around vokal lines, and experiment with noise and effects which can be used in intros and outros
3. simpel cords following the other guy, think that your job is to fill it up when your not on the solo.
4. try to follow all this solutions, and try to know when to use which on the right song.
Most important though: dont try to do too much, nothing is better than two gitars sounding like one, use variatins, but not to many, use same chord but in other fingerings can be smart, like he is plaing e-chord with open 6th string and second fret 5th string, you play same cord in 5th 7th fret 4th string 9th, etc. Being in your position is q very exiting opportunity to use you head in the playing, not only fingers. good luck
what about playin a duel, you solo then he tries to beat yours or both make an unison solo
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