hi.....i would like to know some hard rock songs with an easy rythm guitar but a sick lead guitar.......but not too complicated

i appreciate your help
any AC/DC

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symphony of destruction (rythm track is not hard) Megadeth
most songs on killem all (metallica) is quit easy (solos are very fast toug)
a lot of ac/dc as metioned above..
snowblind- black sabbath
KISS...nothing but 3 chord rock and roll
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the trooper - iron maiden

have you tried playing the song? the only song with harder rhythm in maiden would be hallowed. its not a beginner song, the trooper
Black sabbath stuff, some ACDC (i agree with liam177lewis, some of it's bloody hard)
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All the small things
Adams Song
Dont Leave Me
Waisting Time
Aliens Exist
Rock Show
Anthem Part 2

Yea, I know more.

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Whats My Age Again