yeah ive played both, liked the marshall sound a bit better, but which amp is better overall??

marshall is ****e loads cheaper also..

also has anyone had problems with either amps?? pros, cons.

would these amps be good for playing thrash style metal like metallica and trivium?

any help is good..
Well if you personally prefer the JVM and its cheaper, then theres not even a question!

I would disagree and say that the Mesa is a MUCH better amp overall, but again its just personal taste
Diezel, Motherfucker
yeah thats true... would both these amps be capable of playing gigs??

sound damn good and be loud enough?
My main amp is a Marshall JVM 410H amp through a Vetta Line 6 4x12, and just upgraded to the POD X3 Live for all my FX.

I LOVE the JVM - I often play without the POD at all and just enjoy the big Fender-like clean, and the perfect Marshall crunch on the Amber/OD1 channel.

I typically am only using 3 channels out of the amp:

Green/Clean - Fender Clean
Orange/Crunch - Blues or "Light" Distortion
Orange/OD1 - Marshall Rock / Metal / Alt tone

I haven't had it that long, so there's some stuff I haven't investigated yet (for example, I would like to reprogram the included Midi footswitch so one of the clicks will toggle the FX loop, instead of Reverb which I just leave on all the time) - I know this is possible, I just haven't gotten around to trying yet.

I have seen a couple instances where I power on the amp, and the footswitch doesn't get power, but then if I flip the amp off and then on again, everything's fine. I don't know if it's just my amp or not, but it's never affected anything, I can live with it.

I have also tried some recordings with the direct XLR out feed - sounds really good, totally what I'm expecting.

My current feeling is this will be my amp "for life" - I'm really happy with the setup, how great the raw tones of each channel feel, the reverb is top-notch, and the clean channel responds so well to the POD through the FX loop, if I ever decide to pipe in a Vox or Fender Blackface simulation just for fun.
yea the marshall seems to be the way to go i think.. it sounds awesome..

i just need some money lol
I Just recently traded my dual rec in for the JVM, and i don't regret it one bit, it's an amazing amp with far more tonal possibilities, all at just a switch. I'm having trouble EQ'ing it though, as i'm used to my Mesa and they're way different amps to dial in. even without perfect settings it still surpasses the dual rec.
Now officially has too much gear to list

PM me if you want to know about my recording setup