Hi all,

I just bought the Alvarez RD20SC in black (It's the electric acoustic model) .. and I am very happy with it ... so far.

I have a question: I want to change the strings but I am not sure what gauge I should use...what string gauge does the factory put on these guitars?

Thanks a lot in advance!!
12s, and I believe Alvarez still puts elixirs on at the factory.

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Yep, Elixer 12's, Polywebs. Play it for a while, wear out the strings, then the first time you change them, try out the Elixer Nanoweb Phosphor Bronze, in 12's also. The tone difference is huge, plus they last just as long. The nanoweb coating is a lot thinner than it is on the poly's, so they feel closer to uncoated.
You finally figured that out? hahaha. Yep, have been for over a year. Been a member for about the same time as I've been here. I'm here more often cuz it's deathly quiet over there. But I'll still pop in once in a while to check up on things.
I will switch to nanowebs.

I enjoy this guitar more and more each day; the only issue I have found is that there is some fret buzz but I assume that's normal and it just needs a setup. Other than that the sound is marvelous!!

Thank you all for your advice