Hi, ima beginner and i wanna know what a tremlo is , and tremlo picking ?
Tried finding out in wikipedia but didnt fidd anything
hmm i didnt understand it too well .. well what is the difference with a guitar without tremolo and one with tremolo ?
I don't think you actually took the time to read it. A guitar without the tremolo bridge can't do the things a guitar with one can. (Read the wiki on what those guitars can do, or check out people like Steve Vai.) The main problems with having a tremolo is tuning stability and sustain. Guitars without the tremolo bridge have better sustain and better stability.
tremolo picking is where you alternate pick as fast as you can to make a kooool playing technique...example would be eruption by van halen
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Well, a guitar with a Tremolo arm has one... A guitar without one doesn't have one. When you push on the arm, it pushes the bridge down with, for a moment, lowers the pitch of your guitar. If you want to go crazy with it like Dimebag Darrell, you can do squeals and such.

Here's a video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=6TpYcA9bSaU

Tremolo picking is simply picking really fast.
I'll try and find a good video.

EDIT: I saw above.. Eruption is a good example.

Watch around 25 seconds in, he starts to pick fast. That's tremolo picking.
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