Right now, i can buy the new Peavey Windsor for $400. I can also buy a 4 year old Peavey XXX with no damage for 400 as well. Is the XXX too loud for home practice? My amp will be used mainly at home and only a few gigs. (The Windsor is 15W tube w/ an attenuator and the XXX is 60W tube w/o attenuator)

Also, i heard the XXX is a very bright amp? I'm kind of looking for a dark tone but I also have an alder guitar with active EMG's (ironic, i know). The music i play is metal, classic rock, death metal. thanks
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Don't know if it's the best choice but I'd go for it, you could sell it if you don't like it anyway.
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You'll love the XXX, and if you don't you can resell it for $600 easily. I've sold XXX's for $800.

That's too good of a price to pass up.
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GC just sold me a windsor for $279 brand new last week. At that price I couldn't pass it up.
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i just finished reading a lot of reviews about it on harmony central. a lot of the reviews say that the XXX has too much thin and noisy gain and it's not worth buying. is this true..?
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Has anyone noticed that he's talking about the Windsor Studio combo?
You should get the Windsor so you can make sound clips and post a review for us!!!

Depends what kind of music you play, really.
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The Peavey XXX. Higher gain (which I think you want ), Higher (MIA) quality, lot mroe EQ control, just all around better amp. Good price too.