Bring it to the store and see for yourself. Then sell it or throw it away because coffin cases just scream "I'm trying too hard."
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^ Haha, couldn't agree more.

Do you not realize that jackson's are evil though? This might be one of the few cases that will fit it. They may be overprices and cheesy but they do work well. I say, go to the shop and get them to recommend a case to fit it. If your not sure, just bring your guitar in and find its partner.
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touche sir.
i doubt it, that's made for a warlock and the warrior's left back horn it's longer, it probably wouldn't fit still it's worth a try

you could just go to the store and ask for one that fits the guitar
I find it hard to find cases for the v shaped or odd shaped Jacksons. If you had an S type you might luck out but you'll need to try one first. I also have a Warrior and I haven't found a case it fits well in. I have three coffin cases the one I got for my BC Rich Mockingbird is actually a bass case the standard generic case wouldn't work. I have a Coffin case made for odd shaped guitars I found on Craigs list for $50.00 that was used for a Jackson guitar. I have my DEAN ML Noir in it now I tried the Warrior but it's a little loose in the case. I have found it very hard to find cases for these odd shaped guitars and I am always looking on Ebay and Craigs List for them. I lucked out and got a Kramer case that fits my Jackson RR perfectly and it only cost me 25 bucks.

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