This subject seems to be an eternal argument here in UG. Most of the people keep yelling about the importance of the new amp, but does this really apply to all situations?

For example, i got a Squier (deluxe i think) Fat Strat. It plays well, sounds ok, though only comparison i've gotten so far through the same amp was a Fender Tele so can't be sure about that. The problems are fret buzz on certain frets, funny action (can't explain it really any better) etc.

My amp is a Roland Cube 30X, a modelling amp, i won't bother writing reviews of every sound model it has but, some of them are pretty good, and it certainly doesn't sound bad.

I've got about 700-900€ at the moment, which is more than 1000$ but in Finland, everything related to music is more expensive than in USA.

I'm gonna buy a new amp and a guitar, one before christmas and other in spring 2008. So, which one you think i should buy first? I've been leaning towards the guitar, and that's probably what i will buy, but what are your opinions and why?
Well in your case i would go for a new guitar. becouse you allready got a nice amp, (what i've heard it is great) and it's always good to have more than one guitar really, if you play in different tunings etc... but it really is up to you what you prioritise the most. But i would go for a new fresh guitar =)
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Are you gigging/practising with a band at the moment?
If so, I'd say the amp, you'd need more power if you were gigging.

However, if you're just playing on your own at the moment, I'd go for the new guitar. A better guitar would probably help you play just that bit better, because of the lack of fret-buzz, the action and stuff like that.

Whichever you think best though man.
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Probably not gigging before spring.

I'm behind the new guitar as well.
I'd suggest guitar now and amp before you start gigging. Also, consider ordering from Thomann.de, sometimes it can save you money (although you still have to try the guitar/amp out at a store, or buy blind).
Aye, if you're gonna get both anyway, go for the guitar first. It's always nice to get a new axe.
The problems are fret buzz on certain frets, funny action (can't explain it really any better) etc.

Those are guitar problems but.. I would say neither. Take your guitar to a tech and have them set it up for you. Problem solved and little money spent.
A good guitar will make an ok amp sound good, and a bad guitar will sound ok in a good amp..........missed the point? Me too.......