I have a Gibson SG and really want an acoustic guitar for practicing around the house, playing outdoors/taking to a friend's house and doing some recording with my home computer. The ebony Epiphone Dove caught my attention because it's cheapish, pretty, Epiphone, and most people like it excepting some who have an issue with its volume level.
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I'd say it's the same as buying an electric guitar without playing it first. You might like it, you might not like it.
Ive had that problem in the past cuz im left handed. So I had to buy several guitars over the internet. If your buying a guitar less than 300 its not really gonna matter that much.
your best bet is to go to guitar center or something and play the acoustics there before you buy them whether its from GC or not.

if your left handed then you can at least hear how it sounds and how smooth the fretboard is
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It's not the least bit stupid. There is an element of risk involved, though, and by that I mean you might not end up being satisfied with your purchase. If you're not able to get to a guitar store and try one out, buying online is one of your only options. If you're able to get to a store and simply choose not to, that would be a little negligent on your part. If I were you I would consider buying something used via local classified ads like craigslist, etc. At least then you'll be able to try it out first, and you'll get a better guitar for your money too.
I bought mine without playing it first
you might like it or you might not
I don't think it's stupid
With my AW-40 i was just going to buy it on the internet as it had everything i wanted. I didn't think any one in my area would have one. Found out one did, played it, loved it - would of been satisfied anyway. Thats the risk you take. Useful replies ftw.
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It's not really stupid, but it's not as favorable as the alternative. Those are really common guitars. As others have said, check all your local shops and check craigslist.com also. You have a pretty good chance of finding that guitar around your town.

If you can't find one anywhere to try out, then I guess you don't have much choice! Honestly though, they are pretty decent guitars and I think you'll be pleased with it.
I say it's ok to buy on the net. Just make sure you do your research first. I have purchased two guitars on the net. One is a Zager Zad 80. I read the reviews on the web site first and they had a moneyback guarantee and paid the shipping both ways if I didn't like it. I bought it and loved it.

I also bought a Parkwood 310M on E-bay from a guy who repairs guitars. He did a nice job and I got a good price and its a pretty decent guitar. Solid wood and was rated about 9.5 on Musicians Friend and Guitar Center by people who have them.

Wasn't much of a risk in my book. Worked out great for me.

Judging by the reviews I don't think you can go wrong. You just may have to pay for a good set up at some point.
Oh, and so you know, reviews are something to be very wary of. I mean, the reason they bought it is because they thought it was gooing to be or is good. Doesnt mean it is good though, plus, its hard to admit that you bought something bad, so alot of people wouldnt bother to review it in that circumstances, and there would be people who dont actually know much about guitars, bought it, it worked and made noises so they give it 5 starts because they don't know what else is out there. So those reviews, while usefull...can be misleading, do proper research (eg forums, magazines can be helpful SOMETIMES, etc etc.) But really, acoustics differ so much from guitar to guitar, you should, if you can, try it to make sure you actually like it, but its a decent guitar so there shouldnt be to many problems
It's always better to try the guitar out first before you purchase it. However, if its cheap i wouldn't worry to much.
with that guitar it really doesnt matter...but if your getting some like 3 grand guitar...yea...make sure you play it first.
Yes and no. With an acoustic it doesnt matter, BUT... you have to try out how it feels when you rest it on your lap and arms. My friend has an ovation guitar and she doesn't like it because if slides off her lap.
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And what about rather pricy (1500 US$ / £700) 12-string acoustic guitars (so not really really pricy like 3 grand) that you won't find in a shop inside your country because they're too difficult to import? Would you take the risk and buy one of these beauties because you somehow feel you'll love them?
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I would encourage you to go and play as many different guitars as you can in the shops first, you may change your mind once you have them in your hands. It doesn't mean you can't buy online, but if you do you might not get exactly what you played on, all guitars are slightly different.
Is it really stupid to buy an acoustic guitar without playing it first?

I wouldn't say stupid, but it's not wise either. I never buy a guitar unless I can play and listen to it first, especially acoustic. Go to any music store and see why for yourself. Any two identical acoustics will probably play and sound different. I've played $200 Oscar Schmidt guitars that played better and sounded almost as good as $1500 Martins right beside them. Picked up two identical Ibanez guitars a few weeks ago, the finish was the only difference, one natural, one sunburst. One played good and sounded excellent, the other played fairly decent and sounded thin and wimpy. Got a dirty look from a sales guy one day when he told me I needed to take home the $1700 Martin I'd just put down and I told him I wouldn't give him $20 for it (called it an expensive piece of crap) and would rather have the $300 Seagull on the other wall...but hey, it played AND sounded better...

Bottom line, I'll never buy a guitar I can't play first, unless it's a deal I can't pass up and I want it for resale to begin with. If I want it for me to play, I want one that plays and sounds good and I can't find that out until I have it in my hands.
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You should only buy guitars online if you have a very clear idea of what you want. I remember when I was buying my guitar and I came in thinking I wanted one guitar and I ended up getting a different one because it was much more comfortable to play.