well i been througha bit of stuff lately and think it would make a good song but i havin trouble writing lyrics can anyone help heres a link to a story of what happened


anyhelp would be greatly apprecitated these people also murdered another dude

i come up with this but than decided i really didnt like it any ideas

theres blood on your hands now
even if u wash them it wont go
your stuck with it for life
i thought of revenge but why take your life

i new any ideas would be apprectiated just recently got over a drug addiction since this happened so decided to pick up a guitar thanx for anyhelp
Wouldn't writing about your drug addiction be a good subject for a song because it's personal to you and you know what emotions to put into it. It would be a better subject that the murder story as you are not emotionally connected to it. The Dirt album by Alice in Chains has some great lyrics because they were written by the singer and guitarist/songwriter who were both going through drug addictions. They could put their own emotions into the lyrics and didn't have to imagine anything. They just wrote what they felt. Anyway, that's my idea.
It's gonna be a blue day
yeh the reason i posted the link is because if u read the story and look at the victims name than go into my profile and look at my name we are the same person i was the dude who was kidnapped