I'm trying to get different pickups in my Jet King, but not sure which humbuckers are gonna have the most definition in tone. I like punchy in the neck, crunchy in the bridge.
Post-hardcore mostly. I just need a lot of bite. I wish I could get a tele bridge tone, but I know that's impossible.
^ I agree. The SH-14 in the bridge is quite good

Also, I'm not sure, but maybe having a coil split might get you a little closer to the Tele sound? Although, I reckon splitting it might be more Strat-like...someone else will probably have a better idea.
Nah, splitting it will kind thin it out, at least for the SH-1. And then it hums.

Wiring it in parallel gives you more treble, while keeping a bit of body in your tone - and it's still hum cancelling! It's more like the in between position of a Strat, than a single coil by itself...but it's more usable than a split, for my purposes. The Tele sound is just hard to mimic with out the bridge plate, and without the bridge, and without the slightly tilted bridge pickup.

I love my SH-14.
I love the hum that you get from singlecoil pickups. As long as it's not ridiculous. Just the light hum you get in the background. It's oddly pleasing. Of course, I absolutely love singlecoils in all forms, especially P-90s
Oh, I love P-90's (Yum...Stephens Designs...) and single coils, too. I have a Strat copy that I just love. It's virtually silent, thanks to my shielding job...The residual hum isn't objectionable at all. Anyhoo..
But the hum isn't worth it in a coil split situation, since a coil split is such a pale imitation of single coil tone.
That is true. However, a split humbucker and a true singlecoil sounds pretty pleasing. God I miss my Squier '51

Anyway, I'll shut up now. I'm way off topic, and I'm not turning around, so...yeah.