heyhey, decided to do a little weird stuff, and i think it turned out ok. it kinda sounds like a house full of monsters, so hence the name casa de monstruo. cfc of course!


"Casa de Monstruo"
dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors

Hey, man I totally forgot to save your myspace. I checked it out a while ago and loved it. This new song is really good too. Very dissonant, but in a good way. You're a great player. I liked the tone, and the drum part definitely added a lot.
Great stuff

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Awesome tone dude. Sounds full and the drum patterns were worked out nicely. I could tell it was done on purpose, but I just don't dig the dissonance in that first melody, but that is TOTALLY a stylistic thing so I don't think you should change it. The way it builds into that harmony part after that is awesome. I also like the panning delay part, the tapping gets a cool effect with that. But I do think that it goes on for too long too. And the note that that big run ended on hurt me on the inside, it just didn't sound right to me. But the buildup following it was sweet as hell. The legato part near the beginning of 4 minutes is AWESOME. And I usually think sound effects in music are corny but that scream sounded awesome too. I do think that it ended too abruptly though.

Overall, interesting use of dissonance. I didn't personally like it (the dissonance, not the overall piece, I thought the overall piece was pretty awesome), but I could where you were going with it and I think a lot of people will like it.

Crit mine please?

hey The2abraxis , sweeet sweeet song you have there! really impressed by everything, tone, playing, arrangement, and ideas. Really was original, and great influences, can really hear the Eric Johnson style coming through(esp. in summer days) and can see where mercyful fate comes in too. really cool! do you listen to Frank Zappa and/or Captain Beefheart at all?! a few yrs ago i recorded a 'dark sounding' song i should upload it.
Anyway, lovin' the stuff,
...added you on myspace...
at first i thought this wasnt my type of music but it turned around so fast. solid playing man. absolutely perfect every time. love your other songs as well. your tone is amazing as well and great drums. how long have you been playing?
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I love that first fill its sweeeet! Diggin' the riff'age. As soon as it starts into the solo , wow! As stated very nice tone on the track , you have very fluid runs I like it alot. The rhythm guitar also flows perfectly with the lead work! The breakdown part , is nuts I love the guitar work man! GREAT JOB ON IT ALL!

( also the intro to four dimensions is beautiful )

I'll give you an add on the 'space
just listening to the default track first... Summer Days, this is awesome. i love this tune. great sound, its that sound that makes me want to get a fender, although i dont think i could replicate it!

onto the monster song... nice mixing, clever sounds and speed changes. not as listenable as the first song!!! but i dont think thats what you intended
its got a cool riff.
Nice name!

Really like this. Very ****ed up vibe off it.

If you were to turn up your gain alot, down-tune and more kicks it would be a mad metal song!

I love this tho! Great work man!
Awesome song! I love this song as well as that default song summer days. But sense you want me to comment on casa de monstuo, i guess i will. Its a really cool riff. I really like it. Some vocals would make it just awesome! the solo is really cool and really creative. I like the delay effect and panning. Gotta give you props, your one awesome guitarist and definitely using your talent! SCHVEET!

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I'm listening now. I love the opening tone. The guitars starting around 1:06 are very cool. The drums are nice, also. The rhythm guitar feels like it might lag just a bit from 1:16-1:20. I like the echo in the break. The bass around 2:30 sounded a little loud. Oh yes, the outro of the song is awesome! Real good stuff, man. Very nice.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=706892
type as i listen:

nice solid headbanging riff , wouldn't change anything with that , like the guitar tone fits the song nicely!kinda rockin' lol

nice but kinda wierd lead lol , sounds cool but didn't expect something like this , but cool
hmm im hearing some "crsip" thingys from time to time?is that the recording?(hope not my sound Oo)

got a real cool flow the song till now

oh creepy solo , yeah man i really like it sounds awesome , what efects do you use?(im noobish with efeckts so i can't tell sorry)

wow man , that fade in sounded like coming right out of hell or something! *lisening once more*damn awesome!

hm are you planing on getting vocals over it?because i dunno , for some parts it gets a little repetive , but i guessvocals would destroy lot of parts from the song

man , cool song really ,also i guess i've never head something like that and it's somehow a little wierd(no offense!)i like it damn lot.

sorry i don't have anything to crit really , except maybe the little repetive stuff and (if thats your recording) this "tschk" that sometimes comes throu
english is not my native language
thanks for the comments! ya i noticed that tschk as well, i dont know what it is, my card has been messed up for a bit (cause of vista :-D). and its spose to be weird, like walking in a monster house (hecnce the spanish title :-D). thanks for the comments though!
dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors