i know i shouldve put this in the amp thread but since more people r here

should i get a:
roland cube 60
vox valvetronix ad50vt 212
vox ad50vt

im gettin it for my bro who plays metallica stuff

and for myself, a new tube amp

which amp is the best for about $300
or should i save a few hundred bucks more and get a stack

thanks guys
I would go for the roland cube 60 out of those.
And about the tube amp, it depends what type of music you play. If you plays lots of metal and want lots of gain from the amp you'll probably need more than 300 dollars. If you play more bluesy type stuff up to hard rock then for 350 you can get a Palomino v16 which is pretty versatile imo. And the blues jr is about 400 bucks, or even 300 if used which would be good for lots of stuff except metal by itself.