I have a 100W Marshall DSL 2000 and i am going to put a new bridge pickup in my jagstang to compliment this...

Im looking for a pickup that gives me (on distortion):

-Rocking Chords (both power and open)
-if i play single notes on the bottom three strings they cut through and rock your socks off
-screaming harmonics
-spinechilling feedback

would you recommend high or medium output?

i play hardcore rock and roll but also theres some dreamy stuff in there. i want my guitar to sound distressed and misunderstood but at the same time beautiful.

Any advice - please let me know!

Maybe a Bill Lawrence L-500XL. What Dimebag used.
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Hell no. That doesn't match anything that the threadstarter asked for. I'd be looking towards a Dimarzio Breed, Steve's Special (although it might be a bit too trebley in your guitar) or even a Super Distortion.
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bill lawrence L-500XL or duncan invader
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Steve's Special (although it might be a bit too trebley in your guitar)

Nah... His amp will filter off all the unwanted treble that the Steve's Special might produce.

The DSL 2000 compresses your tone a lot so I think you would want a pickup that is very dynamic just to counter balance that. If you are looking for high output I'd suggest looking at Bill Lawrence L-500XL, or Dimarzio's Breed, Steves Special, Evolution, and Evo 2. Then of course there are my Hot and Super hot neobuckers.

If you went for medium output then I'd suggest Dimarzio's PAF Pro, PAF Joe or the Mo Joe. There really aren't that many medium output pickups that sound good in this amp because meadium output pickups that use alnico sound too compressed for that amp and medium output pickups that use ceramic magnets sound too thin for this amp.

I would also suggest that you take a good look at some vintage output pickups as well. Most good vintage output pickups will sound good in that amp but I'd suggest sticking with vintage output pickups that use Alnico 5 rather than alnico 2 or 3. It's hard to go wrong with a well made PAF.
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