Im going camping this weekend as part of a school fieldtrip. The local school bus is taking about 25 students (boys and girls:P) on this trip which will probably take about 3 hours to get to. I was wondering what kind of songs I should play on the bus most preferably some chick magnet songs and blues. I could also play some recent songs that most people could recognize. (Nickleback and Green Day ). Here is my songlist so far. Chords songs are also good too. Thanks

Magic Bus (lol)
Sweet Home Alabama
Before You Accuse Me
Hey There Delilah (maybe)
When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong- Emmure

But seriously, I don't care.
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Why don't you just shut up on the bus and save everyone getting pissed at you?
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seeing as your caption is "Clapton Is God" then i would strongly suggest doing the layla acoustic version, minus the solo
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augustana-boston its a good acoustic song.....you could always break out the simple man-skynard but im from the south so.... my opinion is biased.
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you are really a stereotype, just sit the **** down and do as everyone else does, you want to entertain? play in a band, the bus is for looking out of the window not making 30 people irrate at your painfully bad lynyrd skynyrd covers
Red Hot Chili Peppers anyone? And feel free to break out the classic rock just so long as there aren't obvious drug references.

But really, you have no real obligation to play anything, so pay what you want.
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When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong- Emmure

But seriously, I don't care.

im with him/her/it/that
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if you got an acoustic on a bus + a capo learn the tide by spill canvas , and i'll follow you into the dark uhh whoever it's by that emo band.
will make women go all awhhh..thats so cute! lets ****

EDIT: ^ I hate those songs but women love them
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Red Hot Chili Peppers anyone?

'Can't Stop' would be an excellent choice IMO.
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dropkick murphys anyone?
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Learn some Slayer, I find it interesting to play it on an acoustic guitar.
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