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I was wondering why most of you guitarists play?

Is it a stress reliever? Does it make you happy? Do you do it because it makes you cool? Is it the girls? Why do you play?
i play, beacuse i like being able to play a cool instrument, and i find it stress relieving and relaxful
but mainly because its fun and i enjoy it

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I play because I just can't sit back and listen to the music, I need to play it. And, well, it's my anger management also :P
its relaxing, and i love music and creating it.

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simple 3 reasons:

Sex Drugs and Rock'n'Roll

that pretty much sums it up =P

Wierd... I just made a thread about that song......

Anyway, kills time, its impressive, and i like to play along to songs blaring from my speakers. >=]
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i play, beacuse i like being able to play a cool instrument, and i find it stress relieving and relaxful
but mainly because its fun and i enjoy it

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sex, drug and rock and roll...yeah, need to save up and buy a good giutar, that'll skint me, so theres no drugs because i can't afford it, again i'm skint so no girl would want me so, no sex. i have to spend 2 years at least to be decent at guitar so theres no rock and roll for at least two years....what a crock of mutilated veal

i play because i don't want to give up becuse i'm stubborn
all of the above

I played because I had a neighbor who played pretty good. And I said, "I wanna play." So I bought a guitar and then he moved away. Then I just played because I bought a guitar. I'd play cool riffs from songs or songs I liked. Then I found out how to sing and play and that felt pretty good. Then I found out what Music Theory was, that didn't feel as good. But now I play, it sounds good, and it helps me relax. I gave up looking cool awhile ago.
basically everything everyone else has said mostly because i enjoy emulating music and creating it myself
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I started for the Gals, but as I've had dick all success, it's started to become an art, just a hobby of doing what I like . Also, it;'s a great distraction from the real world at times, just to retreat to that lil' stage in my brain...
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Because I think music is the greatest think ever discovered by man. I find it drives everyone to do what they do everyday and we would be nothing without it. I myself play because I know I won't contribute to music history, but I'm more or less "Throwing my two cents in"

....And chicks dig acoustic guitar playing guys.
It's one of the few instruments you can play without necessarily knowing how to read music.

And it's fun. Of course.
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Because it makes me look cool.
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I just love music in all its forms, and the guitar was just another instrument I took up.
because whenever I see someone start shredding and doing the craziest, coolest sounding music (I'm looking at you, Satch) I can help but think "man, I wish I could do that!" and then I pick up my guitar and start playing, also, it's a really fun and soothing thing for me... there's something about playing guitar that just makes everything feel righteous, despite how ****ed up things might be... also, I have about 12 years of rage pent up inside of me thanks to school bullying and now I can actually beat people up so instead of going around looking for fights I just drive the gain and volume in my amp up to 10 (wish it could go to 11, lol) and start playin
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We play guitar.... we're automatically on top of the world.

I started because I thought it was unimaginably awesome. I went to shows and I was like "OMFG I HAEV TO PLAY LIEK THAT D00D!!!"

Now it's just a huge part of me. I don't really play for any specific reason, but I sure as hell couldn't stop. I'd be a personality-less loser without guitar. I just love it all over, playing different ones, looking at gear I can't afford, playing with pedals... It's awesome.
Because I'm addicted to expressing myself with it and I just love the feeling of really getting into what you're playing. The concept that I could get really good and just loose myself in a solo whenever, like most good guitarists, is just thrilling.

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Just starting to learn how to play, starting listeneing to bands that made me want to learn. so far, my fingers hurt but it's fun.
Well...My uncle was playing for YEARS before i was born,i thought it was cool when i started to grow up...I got a guitar (acoustic) when i was about 3,never really bothered with it...Got my first electric when i was about 6...Never really bothered,but then i moved back down to england and bought a Squier,(which i still cherish) for my 11th birthday,and it all kicked off really lol...Not sure why,i started to get more into rock and metal (i was into pop and rap at the time,which probably didnt help) and i started :P Its good to be able to say 'I started playing guitar before it became cool to play guitar!' I hate all these people who do play guitar for the female attention :P Yeah,its a good thing that some guitarists get,but i didnt start playing for that reason.
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Music is far more beautiful than any other thing on this earth, it can encompass everything, and is the ultimate euphoria within a world of macabe and grotesque abhorance searching for an avenue through which to impose change. Yeah... it's what I said.
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i love listening to my favorite music. it makes it that much better when you actually play along with a song too. then some eventually start writing their own music from those influences.
I play because :
1 I like to
2 It keeps me drug free
3 I have always been a musical person
4 Stress relief
5 Girls (or lack there of)
6 My future( I want to teach music in a highschool)
7 Its fun?
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i just love the feeling you get when you play and you hear the music coming out of your fingers
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I started playing because I liked the look of instrument so much. Also the sound it makes, the feeling you get when playing, and everything that has to do with it.

I started with electric guitar about 1.5 years ago, and I never get tired of the satisfying feeling that you get when playing a song which you've been practising for some time almost perfect.

And I started listening to the Strokes 2 years ago, I went to their concert, saw Nick Valensi play his awesome guitar, and that was the moment I thought: 'I want to play just like that'. And now I'm learning fast, also joined a band and I enjoy every moment of it.

p.s. the fact that you can take an acoustic everywhere is a major plus.

p.p.s. the fact that most girls like it when you play a nice song on a guitar is also a very nice symptom
because i enjoy it, and because i can.
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Relieves boredom, is fun.

Not a serious player, tbh though
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I personally play as a reliever and a personal hobby/interest.

P.S. I've never tried playing guitar to impress a girl. But then again my guitar playing sucks, and I'm not too attractive
stress reliever, makes me happy, its just about the only thing that i enjoy doing. i've been known to suffer from extreme depression (and no i'm not emo, there's a big difference between being depressed and being a whiney bastard who cries for attention all the time) and playing guitar helps me through my emotional issues.

I hate how some people play guitar just cus they think it makes them cool and stuff. They should seek out something else to massage their egos like playing Halo. Aside from the fact they are usually 14 year olds trying to get attention by bashing out power chords who give up within a few months anyway, it gives guitarists a bad reputation for being egotistic, obnoxious twats, and we're really not all like that. No disrespect to anyone who plays guitar for that reason (or anyone who plays halo) intended... just my worthless, invalid opinion, think nothing of it.
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why not play it? If it isn't guitar, then I would play drums... they're just so damn cool
I started because I suck at sports. I keep playing because I can get lost in music and that beats anything else that you could do in a day.
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