what with christmas [sarcasm] nearly here [/sarcasm] i thought id invest in a pickup for my acoustic.

I was wondering which one / brand.
I primeraly play electric and bass but recently ive been getting majorly into the likes of the john butler trio. After reading up about what he uses (sunrise pickups) i cant find any anywhere.

Would fitting a soundhole affect the volume / tone of it when unplugged?
not taking price into the matter could you maybe give me a few pointers please

*sorry if this needs to go in the gear forum*
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^ This is the place for the thread.

What will you be sending the signal out to? A PA, an acoustic amp, or an electric guitar amp?

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(ah thankyou )
oh sorry didnt occur to me

atm i have a Vox ad50vt but im in the process of saving up / selling that 1 to contribute to a full aingle chanel valve amp (any suggestions for a good electric / acoustic amp?)

and a (growing) pedal train

sorry, i hope it helps
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Damn...I forgot to ask the other question. How permanent do you want the installation?

If you play mostly electric guitar, go ahead and buy the amp you want. Acoustic amps are a bit different from electric amps. To my knowledge, they aren't any they truly do both.

Since you'll be playing through an electric guitar amp, the soundhole pick up makes most sense for you. As a general rule, they don't feedback, which means they can be played louder, and they are built similarly to the electric guitar pickups.
Given that:

If you're looking for easily removable, then this is pretty hard to beat IMO:


If you want a permanent installation, then this is what I would recommend, although there are others that are nice as well:


Partscaster/Tele into a bunch of pedals, a Maz 18 head, and a Z Best cab.
thanks for the help btw i owe you

um well i guess a non-perm 1 is easier and i can transfer to a different guitar if i buy a new 1 i 'sposim in the UK btw so i dont know if that'll change anything?

ill take a look around
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For magnetic soundhole pickups I like Dean Markle pickups better than LR Baggs.

If you are interested in something more permenant I've got a whole stockpile of a lot of different B-band pickups and a few other odds and ends. I got them last time I was in America so I should be able to get them for you significantly cheaper than anything you can get here in the UK, but all of the acoustic pickups I've got on hand are simi perminant and require you to drill a hole in your guitar.
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bollocks ! i didnt mention

i am learning how to do purcussive guitar kinda n if i get a magnetic pickup then surely that wont get picked up ?

my friend just pointed it out to me lol

any thoughts?
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Soundboard transducers are the best for the percussive stuff because it picksup up the vibrations from the guitars soundboard and pressure inside the air cavity of the guitar.

Undersaddle transducers sense pressure from the saddle and vibration in the bridge so they work well for percussive stuff too

Magnetic soundhole pickups just pickup string vibration so they do not work well for percussive stuff.

The problem is that each type of pickup needs a different type of amp. Magnetic pickups need electric guitar amps, undersaddle transducers want an acoustic amp, and soundboard transducers want a PA.
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ah bit of a bugger but have just thought if i get a magnetic one and a descent instrument mic? pickup for the guitar so i can run it through effects etc and the mic for a bit of each.

it'll be like having two guitars going at the same time
yay or nay?

and dean markley (sp?) pickups cus i know strings direct do them - or any other place which i can get them cheaper?

my friend can get some instrument mics so thats ok well it is if my plan worked?

EDIT: just read one of the previous replys sorry didnt realise i was there, cord, what pickups do you have? you thnik any will suit my needs and dont worry aboutone hole cus chances are im gonna keep this acoustic for a while cus its awesome beats the **** out of the £200 / £250 guitars in pmt and it cost me the grand total of £70
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The soundhole pickup and good instrument mic is a very good option.

I've got B-Band AST (acoustic soundboard transducer) with the A1.2N preamp as a bundle for 65 quid. Typically the AST costs about 35 quid and the preamp cost around 55 quid for a total of 90 quid.

I've got B-Band UST (under saddle transducer) bundled with the A1.2 preamp for 60 quid (it's an 1/8" undersaddle transducers) The UST typically sells for around 35 quid too.

I've got B-Band UST AST combo with the A2.2 preamp which is a blending systems with mono out. The volume controll for each pickup that is adjustable through the soundhole of your guitar so you don't have to do any major modification to your guitar but still have controll of your tone at the guitar. I can let this go for 100. The A2.2 typically sells for 66 quid so that combined with the UST and AST on most UK sites would run you around 135 quid.

I've got b-band UST AST combo with the A2 preamp which has a stereo output. This pickup has no onboard controlles but it does have the advantage of being able to send the signal from each pickup to different amps which is a huge advantage given the fact that the different pickups sound better with different EQ and different types of amps. This would be 100 quid also. The A2 has been discontinued but before they discontinued it, it cost 66 quid on it's own.

I also Have the Dean Markley La Jolla active system. This was replaced by the trillogy but I think it's better than the trilogy. The Jolla has a magnetic soundhole pickup (perfect for an electric guitar amp) and it has a 1/8" undersaddle transducer which is good for tapping and will sound great plugged into a PA or acoustic amp. The reason I think the La Jolla is better than the Trilogy is because the La Jolla has a stereo output which means you can really get maximum performance from both of your pickups. I could sell this one to you for 70 quid. They don't sell this sytem in the UK so I can't get you a good price comparison.

Keep in mind that I'm not a distributor of these pickups. I bought them for the acoustic that I build but I still have a lot of them kicking around.
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Oh, and John Butler uses fishman pickups on some of his guitars.
Most of them also have two pickups used together, a soundhole pup and a twin mic pickup that are then run through a bunch of effects (he has a lot of them) and then into a 1975 Marshall JMP100 and then a Marshall quad.

But i would say that you could get close enough to his sound with a soundhole pickup.