if you buy a pack for a 12 string guitar, say (http://www.music123.com/Elixir-Nanoweb-Light-12-String-Acoustic-Guitar-Strings-101548-i1122735.Music123) for elixir's could you use it for a 6 string, twice?

doesnt a 12 string just have two of every string?
i really dont have any idae about 12 strings, but i though this was the case
it would save liek 3-4 bucks
but hey, its 3-4 bucks!
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Well. Logically... erm... probably... To be honest I'm not 100% sure but I don't see why not, unless 12 string strings are thinner. But that'd increase the pitch so... Yea.
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No, you can't. 12 string guitars are traditionally tuned with 6 strings at "normal" pitch and another set at an octave higher (except for the top B and E, which are simply tuned in unison). The string gauge is different for the octave-up set. What you CAN do is use the "regular" strings in a 12 string set for normal tuning and the octave up strings on another guitar for "nashville" tuning. This would give you a second guitar that can be used to layer guitar tones in the studio. Usually, this is only done with acoustic guitars, but the same concept would apply to electric.
if you did use the 2nd set then the e a d and g strings would probably be too loose and just cause a lot of buzz and awkwardness, the b and high e would work though
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If you actually had a 12-string guitar with duplicate strings for each set, you wouldn't have the "12-string sound." You'd get a very muddy sounding 6-string sound.

The octave differences give the 12-string a depth of sound you can't get from an acoustic.

For what it's worth, if you ever pick up a 12-string, the neck feels like a 2x4 piece of lumber. 6 strings make a good amount of tension on the wood. 12 strings make a heck of a lot more.