You need to increase the volume by a lot I had to crank my speakers to hear anything, because of this I can hear a lot of background hum, there was also a bit of audio corruption.

Concerning Art a ri, try to include some more variety, for example I thought you did a good job of building tension with the chords in the beginning but the whole track just sounded like a rhythm part of a song without any lead.

A side was a lot better but I felt like the beginning lead part (with lots of delay) was not perfectly harmonized with power chords that followed, but this is rather minor, overall I though A side was pretty good.

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Yeah, this was just a rough draft basically on a side. I'll work out all the kinks and maybe add another guitar here and there and post it again. Thanks for your help. :]
art a ri: volume needs up, but the riff sounds cool, although it could use alot more variation.
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