Ok. I'm interested in learning how to fingerpick, the simple stuff, and the complex. What would be some good songs to learn that could get me more used to using all of my right hand fingers as well as my left hand. I wanted to learn some Elliott Smith stuff, but no one ever tabs it out right. How could I start with something that simple and move up to say Leo Kottke?
Thanks, but I'm looking for something a little more complex. I guess it might be easier if I name the stuff I can already fingerpick.
1. Nothing Else Matters
2. The Unfogiven
3. Haunted By A Freak
4. Some of Stairway to Heaven.

I wanna get more of a classical tone to stuff. Not just average alternative picking riffs. Anything that could possibly be done with a pick isn't what I'm looking for.
Dust in the Wind by Kansas is an awesome song to fingerpick. It was the first song I learned to play, and is a touch complex- it baffles your friends.
If you'd like a little more complex you can search a song by Tuck Andres he is a finger picking expert