Alright, I decided on which ESP I want, http://www.espguitars.com/guitars_deluxe_2.html

the H-1001,

but then I thought about a recorder, and I found the Boss BR-1200CD http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Boss-BR1200CD-Digital-Recording-Studio?sku=241013

so, I can't decide which one...I won't be able to get either one untill next year (cause I'm broke...and I'm gonna have to get a job and crap)

So, which one would serve me better? I haven't written much...(seeing as I can't write for ****, and I can't solo) I figured I'd get another guitar cause I'm switching between tunings all the damn time.

So, almighty minds of UG, which one?

thanks in advance

P.S...if this belongs in another thread, tell me which and I'll move it
My gear:
Schecter C-1+ w/ Seymour duncan Jazz (neck) and Full Shred (bridge), with Sperzels
B-52 LG-100A 4x12 half stack
Rogue LX405 Bass
Yamaha classical
Some sort of acoustic Squier
Boss Flanger
Lyon Chorus
thats tough I dunno which one I would want, If I were you i would go play with both of them at guitar center or somewhere so you know you'll make the right descision