I'm trying to figure out, what is the difference between an Epiphone Les Paul Custom and an LP standard. Is the custom worth the extra cash? All info appreciated.
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well i have played both, and i did prefer the custom even though it costs more
I think the Custom has better pickups than the Standard. It looks muuuch better, especially the black version. And id say the Custom is all mahogany, without having an Alder layer or Alder/Maple top. Between the Standard Plain top and the Custom, id say its not worth it, as the extra cash can be used for new pickups. But if ur choosing the Plus top or the Custom, get the Custom.
they do have different pickups, though whether they are better is debatable dependant on what tones you like. i like burstbuckers more. you can get the custom in silverburst as well (ultra amazingly cool colour) and some other stuff, but seriously, most important thing - the colour.
The Standards are mahogany now.

As far as differences go, they're mostly cosmetic. Quality/hardware remains pretty much the same. Personally, if you don't want any of the cosmetic changes that the Custom offers, get a Standard and with the left over cash rewire her and swap the pups.

I was told by people here that the Custom was better sound wise the Studio was just different cosmetically.

That white custom with godl hardware is DAMN sexy.
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Its quite amazing that these custom vs standard threads kept appearing day by day.............let me redirect you to what i posted yestarday:

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Differences are:
-goldhardware(may fade over time)---Normal Chrome hardware
-slightly better pickups than standard
-cool diamond shape on the headstock---no diamond shape
-White one is an ownage colour but standards do not have white
-May come with hardcase---Rarely comes with hardcase
-Black cool lokking knobs---Vintage but still cool looking gold knobs
-Black pickguard with some sort of binding----standard cream-white pickguard

AND WAIT! This is what i posted in a thread two days ago,lol:

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I just got a epi LP custom plus 4 a week now,here's what i noticed:
1)The gold on the tune-omatic brigde where the strings touched faded in a few days
2)Jack came loose after a day but was easily tightened and itsnot loose now 4 week
3)A little paint spill around the area where the body meet the neck but no big issue
4)The dot of "i" on the epiphone brand on the headstock was not pearloid
Good stuff:
1)bridge humbucker was great 4 rock, metal
2)finish was drop dead beautiful
3)the finish was perfect-no spots or blems,etc
4)the neck pickup was great 4 rythm and sounds like an acoustic on clean
5)Really durable dispite a knock
6)The neck was fast
7)Its value 4 money

I'll write a review when i'm free and i'll make a thread on my new guitar when i'm ready with pics

P.S. Some say epiphone guitars sometimes havve volume knobs alignment probs n loose tuning pegs,so be sure 2 check that out
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Ok thanks for the info peoples!
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