Sooo Hey,

As of late my maverick x-1 has begun crackling when switching pick-ups, but its become even worse, i think my bridge pickup is wrecked.
occasionally it will stop working and not make sound for ages, and iv been told that switching rapidally (sp?) between the pickups with the selector often cleans the contacts, but to no avail.
To explain it when it does make noise, it is slightly distorted on the distortion channel, and the same sound on the clean channel (no change in level of overdrive) and alot quieter than usual.
Any ideas?

And my jack has become quite loose, possibly because i mostly play sat down, and accidently leaning on the cable. iv read that simply by unscrewing the four screws pulling it out and bending the jack in will solve the problem. is this true? i dont want to wreck my beloved.

Sorry for the wall of text, and thanks for any useful advice
Id say either ur switch is worn out, which it probably is, or the wiring is shorted out. take it to a tech, have him replace the switch, maybe get a rewire. Have him relpace ur jack as well, and u should be fine.
i hate to do this but i need to make sure i dont get ripped off, so around how much should this cost at the most?
and also using chistmas money im looking at installing a kahler or schaller trem and was wondering how much that costs to install?
Sounds like you've got a switch going bad. Spray it with some contact cleaner first and see if that will clear it up. As for the jack, unscrew it, hold the jack, and tighten the nut on it. That should keep it from coming loose.